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Here, sweetness always abounds.

Fourth of July Cottage Style

Sparklers, mini flags, and freedom from our cousins Great Britain.  
These are the things I think of when remembering The Fouth O' July, However, my kiddo's think of amazing fireworks, swimming parties with there daddy having the weekend off and giving endless dolphin laps. And of course my goody stations, in the "Cozy Cottage."

Our Nater Tater the lil' kiddo's big middle brother came down to spend the weekend with mom & dad and his lil' tike brothers & sisters. So I whipped up some lil' stacker flat jacks & sausages. Waking up in the mornings and having a breakfast in the "Cozy Cottage" is really sooo cozy.

I had so much fun spiffing up my lil' area for all the up coming summer fun! I hung and layed my Great Grandma Bea's vintage linens all around to give that homey feel.
I used a new canning jar box that has that vintage checkered look, to hold the catsup & mustard plastic bottles that Easton bought me for my birthday. 
Daddy O' takes the kiddo's out each year so they can pick out a thoughtful/cute gift. 

Nate brought me these flowers. so sweet:) 
I instantanly thought they looked like fireworks!!!

My darling lil' girls getting ready for the Fourth O' July hometown parade. Aren't the dresses are just full of fun & excitement?!

              It's a lil' parade going on, on the hym of there dress.

Stand Proud Stand Tall

by Ron Tranmer

The flag of our nation, a flag under God.
To our flag we will always be true.
Stand proud, stand tall with hand over heart,
as we honor the red, white, and blue.

A symbol of freedom. A banner for all
o reside undernah it’s proud wave.
Though battered and torn, shattered and worn,
It flies, o’er the home of the brave.

Stand proud, stand tall, with hand over heart,
with respect for this flag we so love.
May this land always be, strong and free,
and protected by *God from above.

                                    I'm a sun hat girl.... 
.....well I'm a hat girl in general, but big hats....OOOh, I LOVE!!!

Here's my Grandma's darling doggy corn on the cob holders.
 My kids love them. 
So wish we had more! 

I made delishish summertime strawberry shortcakes for the family. Daddy O's favorite!!! 
Homemade whipped cream and my Great Grandma's Bea's biscuits.

The biscuits soaked up the strawberry juices quickly and made this all American treat soooo, yummy tasting!

                 Makin' up some good home lovin' biscuits! ;)

Having family heirlooms placed around my home is a nice blessing. 
I'm always thinking when and how my loved ones used diffenent items.  I remember Grandma Earlanna using (lil' strawberry bowls) these often! 
She'd make all kinds of goodies.
 Sweet & Savory!

Strawberries, have a fond spot in my heart!!!
Grandma had strawberry pots outside on her patio for me to pick as a lil' girl. Yum, yum, yum!
She also decorated my visiting room in yellow and .....wouldn't you know.....but red strawberries!

I ordered this cotton felted fabric to decorate with.

Our home with just a lil' "Americana" look. 
We've had a very busy summer, full of love & memories! :))

A Cozy Lil' Valentine.

This was such a fun year for me! My lil' kiddos have really enjoyed playing in the lil' living room area n'  having quick lil' meals on the other side that is set up with a vintage/retro feel. Everywhere we go someone is sure to say "this would look cute in the Cozy Cottage!"

Every Valentine I have,  has some special meaning to it for me. Regardless if I bought it for myself. :))

This is my Granny twin Valentine. She looks like "Me!" 
I just giggle a bit every time I see her. 

I love a cute happy Granny. That's why, when I saw my 1940/50's gray-haired penny bank,  sporting a apron, I almost gasped!!! She was $2.99! 
Needless to say she went home with me!

I love this card. It says it all!....the importance of team work! That always makes things better. :)) 

My hubby & I were high-school sweethearts, so we know how much work needs to be put into a happy & successful marriage.

My favorite Valentines usually have to do with children. 
Not surprising sense I love kiddo's so much!

         Here's my lil' Lulu and her doggy "Pinky" So proud of her. She's talented (lovely voice).
 LuLu writes (journalism) for her school paper  & will be in honors chemistry 2018/19. 

She & I made pixies jars a few years ago. They were made with lots of sparkles & mini pretties.

You can see lil' mistakes, but we had lots of fun & it was late at night! The wee ones were in beddy pooy!

Sweet Lamby is getting an eyeful! hehe

I made her a bit on the cricked side! Oppps ;)
But she's a lil' Darling!!!

I hope you give crafting a pixy jar a try. Just have fun!
 You can fill it with all kinds of goodies. My kiddo's eat up all the candies as soon as I put them in the jars. 

I found this 1940'5 old cabinet downtown. 
@ Roxy Theatre Antiques

 Adored it right away! My eldest daughter (Natalia) bought it for me! XOXO

Did you spy my rubber mouse? 

                   Oppps, my vintage chocolate pot had a bit of a fall.

                         The lil' blue~ish hat was my Great Grannies.

Who doesn't love a snuggly teddybear?

Ginger Bread men, women & children are a favorite of mine n' not just at Christmas time. 
Here are a few of my favorites.

I love the eyelashes!!!

What a bright pretty sunshine bow.

Yummy & Darling! The soft pink sparkly frosting looks delish!

Here's my lil' kiddo's! I'm homeschooling two of them, this year.  Mornings in the Cozy Cottage, definitely a perk! ;) 

                                         "Thank you, Jesus for this food."

Come Again & have a day full of blessings! XOXO


Camper Crafts


           Annabell, would like to greet you with a big................
..................."How Do, You Do!?" 

Who's Annabell? Well she's my Tweet lil' bluebird birdy, that lives in the, The Bluebird Camper. She's every where, nesting about.
I lOvE crafts! I get a bit of it from my Grandma, she was a sewer, and had a artists mind about her!. 

Crafting is so much fun. I set up my glamper to be a place my children would enjoy being in, and of course me, too! 
Kiddo's making fun thing, is there any thing tweeter than that? The joy they have in doing so n' the pride on there faces when the craft is completed!

Awww, finally a peek in the camper!!! What joy, to be in here! 

Well, I'm all set up for my kiddo's to come in after school, to do up some cute lil' caterpillars. 
I've turned over my cushioned seats, but opps, I'd forgotten to cover them with the vintage old sheets. Next time ;)

Doing arts n' crafts with your children can be: 

1. A great time of bonding for them n' you alike!

2. An opportunity for you Mom, (or Grandma) to teach some life lessons: Example~ Sharing with siblings, giving to others: neighbors, teachers, the needy.

3. A) How to~ patience, listening skills, organization.
    B) How to~ cut, hold scissor's, steadiness of hangs, etc.

4. Making memories! Those last for a lifetime!!!

Moms, charge your camera's...n' take lots of pics., you'll love looking at them a few months later n' longer :)

Are your kiddo's bored out of their wits?

Well, set up a lil' craft or project for you n' them to share in!

Here's the closet in my 1960's camper.  When not glamping, we play in here. 
I've filled up the drawers n' closet with lil' goodies to craft with. Using a shoe holder is most useful, however, I'm on the hunt (@ Goodwill) for a clear one, so I can see the items much easier.                             

My sister~in~law (owner of the Woodseeker) Jenny bought this for Lulu n' I. I'll post all the fun we have doing it, when we do:)

I think I'll have a few of her friends over, to help her out.
I found a few of these 1950's blue containers to hold all types of goodies in. A lil' blast from the past.

I've filled up the retro blue cupcake holders with all the crafting supplies needed to make the caterpillars today.
And a lil' came of memory match, afterwards.
The dollar Tree, is a wonderful place to get many, many, many lil' family fun activities. It's a must shop spot for me!

Great places for craft supplies:

Dollar Tree

Yard Sales

Thrift Shops ~ Goodwill

Newspapers~ Sometimes Daycares advertise going out of business.

Friend & Family craft swaps

My mom bought for me a couple of these bed wetter sheet pads (for my 2 yr old) so I cut one of them up for crafting sheets. 

They work great for spills n' glue globber. 


As you can see I filled each cupcake holder with tweet things...all, but one from the thrift store, I found with the kiddo's at the $ store. 

The sparkly glitter glues are my favorite! 

Save your kids applesauce cups for holding lil' treats to eat or craft littles. 

I ended up put some glue for Fi~fi to just dip her finger in, to get what was needed, she's only 4 and still a squeezer of glue n' toothpaste for that matter.

Lil' ones love to craft, but put them in a family fun spot n' Walaaaa! It's over the top fun!!!

Isn't this a lovely sight? So much potential ;) 

Go today to your local thrift store and treasure hunt. Oh, what fun. My wonderful Grandma used to call it the Yellow Store. That is all thrift stores, it was our lil' code for old/used stuff n' clothes.
Fi~Fi attempting at the gLuE!....yikes!....not a pretty sight! A true learning curve ;)


                      My newly (today) toothless tweet boy. 
        See the pride on his face over his art work :))



While the wee ones were making art, my dear boy Easton was working on his division sheet homework. 

The camper has proved to be a quite tweet spot to focus. 

          Finally Easton got his turn. He zipped thru it!!!   
                                 He's defiantly a glue hog...lol.


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                                       A Family Safe Place to Be

                           This is a different craft, but still lots of fun!
                 Easton went in to, watch a LeGo Documentary with Daddy O'

                                                     "Cater" n' Mason
     Mason with a super HAPPY FACE!!! A face like that, says it all! 

Kids of all ages love to built, participate in activities and put there hand at a few knacks.

                                            Lil' miss smiley n' Fluffy Diamond. 

                                                      Some fun FUZZY FRIENDS. 

I hope you had fun sharing in our family fun time, in my cozy camper.


Please fill free, to come n' visit us again & leave a comment, We'd lOvE to hear from you!~ LiSSa*Lu